Professor Aurthur M. Nesmith

Professor of Religion at Harvard


The Professor as he is known is a expert in religion and religious artifacts, he has also demonstrated some minor magical abilities and is a brilliant researcher. It is now known that he does have some knowledge of the Soul Crystals and their place in history.

He is know to have knowledge of Academician, Ancient Language (Egyptian), Ancient Languages (Latin),
Ancient Languages (Persian), Astronomy, Etiquette, History (General), History (Arabian), Language, (Aramaic), Mathematics, Religion, Language (German), Language (Russian), Fobidden Lore (Magical Items)

These are only his known specialties, he may yet have other specialties that are yet undiscovered.


Not much is know about the Professor other than he was born in Whitechapel, East London circa 1854 and was a Child Prodigy. He has traveled extensively throughout his career including to Arab lands and Europe. He accepted his Position at Harvard 5 years ago and has already gained tenure. He is a very precise and organized. The only thing that really seems to upset him is things that throw a wrench in to his organization.

Professor Aurthur M. Nesmith

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